About us

Shashi Industries has been in the incense industry since 1960, and is one of the leading manufacturer and exporters of Incense sticks, Dhoop sticks, Bakhur, perfume Roll on, Soaps, Reed diffusers, Car freshener etc., in more than 250 active fragrances with different and unique packaging. We are known for unique quality of fragrances, in house quality control, R & D Facilities – to monitor the quality of perfumes and scheduled deliveries.

Our Mission

“Our mission as a business unit is to create a pleasant fragrant environment of different varieties as possible to suit individual customer needs, and deliver highest quality of products making us synonymous to innovation and quality”

The Infrastructure

SHASHI INDUSTRIES currently operates with 3 manufacturing units covering 1,00,000 sqft area based in Bangalore (South India) Ahmedabad and Bhavnagar (West India) with the labour force of around 800 employees with the production capacity of 4,00,000 packs per day which is equivalent to 4 containers of 20ft.

SHASHI INDUSTRIES has its own raw bathi and Masala bathi manufacturing unit which has helped us in maintaining the stable quality and reducing the dependency on supplier and the hi-tech packing machine which has helped us in increasing the production capacity and maintain the schedules of despatches.

R&D Facility

We have an ultramodern hi-tech aromatics lab, with all latest development and testing apparatus. A maze of aromatic chemicals, herbal extracts, resionds and flower extracts. Our technical directors are always on job for innovating new fragrances of high quality standards and eco-friendly fragrance.


The company has wide variety of products with different fragrances and packing variants which suits different market segments. Quality, brand value, packaging & unconventional product is one of the reasons why SHASHI INDUSTRIES stays competitive globally and the sole reason for SHASHI INDUSTRIES to expand its frontier further & make their product available across the globe.
DENIM and MAJA are the Flagship brand of the company since 30 years.
LEAD and SENSE is the newly launched products, which is been well accepted in domestic and international markets.
We are also open to customized packing with minimum order quantity.
We hope that this information serves to convince you to enter into a meaningful business relationship with us. We are most confident that we can serve you better for all your incense requirements.